If you lost a loved one or dear animal and they are cremated we can help you hold those memories forever in a beautiful glass piece rather than an urn. Our artists will incorporate a small amount of ash and the chosen color into molten glass and form it into the desired shape. your shape options are:

  1. Celestial Sphere - $175.00

  2. Spiral Sphere - $175.00

  3. Celestial Egg - $125.00

  4. Spiral Egg - $125.00

  5. Celestial Heart - $225.00

  6. Spiral Heart - $225.00

  7. Thumbprint - $50.00

  8. Sun Catcher -$175.00

  9. Ivy Vine - $275.00

After cooling overnight, our memorial glass is carefully packaged and ready to be picked up, or we can ship it to you safely and securely.

celestial heart .jpg


Our convenient online store allows you to pick from a variety of glass shapes and colors. Once you select a memorial glass style, we will send you a collection package in which you will deposit a very small amount (approximately two tablespoons) of cremains into a secure container. Your pet or loved one's ashes are securely logged and tracked throughout the entire process of creating your memorial glass. From unboxing, to creation, to arriving back at your doorstep, we take the utmost care in handling your loved one.

If you are local to Chattanooga, we suggest you make an appointment in order to discuss your needs in detail.

sun catcher reflections
Chris Mosey