Ivy Drape Vases

The concept of the ivy series and bowls come from the application of the glass wrap on the outside of the piece. The interior of the piece is achieved from solid color application, while the outer wrap is striated with multiple colors that are picked up and stretched out into an organic mixture that resembles an Ivy Vine crawling up and around the inner vase or bowl. The new Ivy drape vases represent a more modern take on the concept and lets more of the inner color show through and adds more of a feeling of vertical elongation to the glass. The Ivy Drape Vases can be used as a standard vase to hold live, or dried flowers, or are wonderful on their own as a sculptural object individual or in groups.

Saffron Ivy Vine.jpg
Ivy Drape 1.jpg
Ivy Drape 3.jpg
Chris Mosey