Blown Paperweight

Very much similar to the Blown Ornament, you have the opportunity to create a Blown Paperweight. It is just as simple and similar to the ornament. With the paper weight you as well have four different options to choose from:

  1. Smooth - $60.00

  2. Ribbed - $65.00

  3. Swirled - $65.00

  4. Pineapple - $70.00

Next, you’ll choose from our large glass color selection to meld together a stunning color combination and piece. Last but not least, after creating your piece it does have to cool for @4 hours. You’re eligible to pick it up on the next business day or we can ship it to you for $5.00 more! Paperweights make a beautiful gift to give to literally anyone. Paperweights are a nice custom item to have anywhere.

Chris Mosey