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Hours of Operation

Appointments are available for your convenience throughout the year. Hours are Tuesday through Thursday, 10-5, Friday and Saturday 11-7, closed Sunday and Monday. After hours appointments are available for large groups. We request that you call 423-265-2565 for an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome when time permits, but please make an appointment to assure your time. 


There are two options that we have developed that the public may participate in making. When you come into the studio you may chose between a glass ornament or paperweight. There are three texture styles for each and you will be choosing your own colors, turning the pipe to heat in the glass color, and blow the piece yourself. Prices are $43 or $48 for ornaments, and $60 or $65 for paperweights, depending on style.


Glass has to slowly cool overnight and may be picked up the next business day or we offer USPS shipping for $5.


Downtown Chattanooga Location

401 Broad Street Suite 105
Chattanooga, TN, 37402
United States


Watch this video to learn a bit more about us

A glassblower shaping a one-of-a-kind ornament